Vegetarian Bulgur Wheat Balls

It’s time for another healthy recipe. And let it be vegetarian. There will be bulgur wheat and veggie balls. Easy to make, tender balls with a lovely taste. No frying, of course.

Vegetarian Bulgur Wheat Balls

The two main ingredients – bulgur wheat and courgettes. I thought they would combine perfectly and they really did. But why to eat them?

Bulgur wheat – tasty, healthy and versatile. It is a wonderful ingredient, full of nutrients and a good source of protein and fiber. Dr. Axe has an exhaustive article about bulgur wheat, Bulgur Wheat: The Better Wheat for Your Belly & More. You could read it here.

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My Expat Life in the UK – Home, Family, Happiness

Another travel post on the blog? Not really. Just a couple of lines to say goodbye to my little Bulgaria and greet the UK again. Our holiday in Bulgaria is coming to an end. A few more days and we are flying back to London.

My Expat Life in the UK - Home, Family, Happiness

Am a sad? No. I have enjoyed every bit of our long summer break. I love spending time with my mother, she is amazing and I adore her. This time, I have also taken full advantage of staying with her – no unpleasant everyday chores, no worries about the cooking and planning the weekly menu (well, I miss the cooking but I’ll be catching up with it soon.😀 ). Thank you, mother! You are a star, I mean it.

I have met all those people close to my heart who make the homeland a place I want to return to. Now, it’s time to go back to our new home, the United Kingdom. It feels like home and we love it, it must be home then. And I miss it already.

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The Woman and the Book

The woman and the book

It was a chilly grey day in October…

She stepped into the bookshop and forgot about the world. Completely. She deliberately got lost in the long corridors of bookshelves, eager to touch the treasures hidden in there, to feel the different textures of paper, to open the covers carefully, and inhale deeply. Oh, how intoxicating the scent of paper was!

Over there… A book caught her eye. It was big and had a gorgeous cover. Many books had gorgeous covers, of course, but there was something special about this one. The book was calling her over. She hadn’t come here in order to buy anything. She only intended to be around all that loveliness for a while. And then, after spending a few minutes with herself in the precious calmness, she would go away. But that book! It was still there challenging her to get closer and take a peek. It was so shiny and tempting. And it was showing off arrogantly as if it was a living creature being aware of its beauty. Yes, it was exceptionally beautiful with the cover resembling a work of art.

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The Island of Thassos – Love at First Sight

Our family holiday is over. I told you we were going to Greece. We wanted a quiet, beautiful place. We got it. Actually, our expectations were totally beaten. My husband and I have visited Greece many times before and we know it is an enchanting country. But this year, we rediscovered it in a different way.

Thassos Island View

It felt like the perfect summer holiday. Because the island of Thassos turned out to be the perfect summer destination for us. I took a nice digital break just the way I intended, and instead of spending hours with either my phone or my laptop, I had fun with my family. We all had fun. Together.

I am sure many of you have been on Thassos – a gorgeous combination of sea and mountain. Still, I hope you don’t mind my sharing about our one-week stay.

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My Summer Break from Blogging

Summer is at its height, let’s slow down a little bit. The next couple of weeks, we are going on holiday and I am thinking of having a little break from blogging. I will miss my humble blog but still, I need to step back for a while.

My Summer Break from Blogging

Picture by Depositphotos

I really enjoy blogging, it’s undoubtedly addictive and it’s so nice to be in touch with other fellow bloggers (if you wish, read my interview on Debbie’s lovely blog My Random Musings). But it is a time-consuming everyday work and one connected with too much use of modern technology. I have been spending a lot of time writing, reading, searching for information on the Internet, learning how to blog, being social on different social platforms (most of them I was so tenaciously trying to avoid in the past), working on the visual side of my blog (not that I have managed to improve a thing😀 )…

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“Mummy, Where Do We Live?”


Mummy, where do we live?

Children ask questions all the time. I love that. I love kids’ curiosity. Sometimes, it looks like an endless inquisition but I never get bored. I always answer my son’s questions because I know this is the way he learns about the world. It is OK even when he begins a long ‘why’ examination. I admit, I have no clue why he asks ‘why’ at least a hundred times a day.

No problem at all, my boy. I will keep replying to you patiently doing my best to find meaningful answers.

But some questions are more difficult to answer. The questions a child of immigrants could ask their parents. My son has been asking me where we live for over a year, or with other words since we moved to the United Kingdom.

An ordinary, innocent question that just comes out of his mouth, nothing disturbing. Kids never ask in order to be mean or hurt adults’ feelings wittingly; their nature is too pure for that. I’m sure my son’s only intention is to make it clear. And this is what actually worries me. Because every time he asks where we live, I see a confused little boy standing before me.

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Summer Fruit, Banana and Ricotta Dessert

Do you love ice cream? Me, too, especially in summer. However, I am well aware that ice cream is not the healthiest dessert in the world. I love it but I don’t want all those fats, sugar, and additives. At least, not that often.

So I decided to use the abundance of seasonal fruits and make this easy cool dessert. OK, it’s not the well-known ice cream, it’s not even frozen, but it’s refreshing and really tasty. And healthier. The perfect end of your dinner.

Summer Fruit and Ricotta Dessert

Low in calories (130-150 kcal per serving), low in fats. No added refined sugar, but a little bit of honey, and the sweetness of fruits. Who says desserts should be sinful?🙂

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Summertime, Yoga Time + Favourite Asanas (Part 1)

Summer… It’s hot. It’s freaky, devilishly hot! It’s so hot and sunny that you almost see flames wrapping you up and a devil mocking at you and your sweaty sufferings. The only thing your half-boiled brain could think about is how lovely it must be at Santa’s snowy village right now. No, I am not somewhere in Northern Africa, I am back in my native Bulgaria for a couple of months.

If you have visited the southern parts of my country you understand the desert heat I am talking about. It’s as hot as hell, day and night (I guess, I would have enjoyed cooler nighttime in Sahara), I am sweltering…

Summertime, Yoga Time

Picture by Depositphotos

And I still have to work out a little bit, don’t I? My exhausted body, however, refuses to obey. It is begging me for a long long rest in bed (or maybe an ice bath) as if saying, “How am I supposed to make a move under such merciless conditions?!”

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Healthy Cooking. Let’s Spread the Word Together

Healthy Cooking. Let's Spread the Word Together

Picture by Depositphotos

Previously, I have told you that my blog is not meant to be a food blog. It is not indeed, but occasionally some recipes pop up. This is not because I want to boast about my culinary skills.

As a matter of fact, most of the food ideas I share with you here are quite humble. Nevertheless, I can’t help sharing them as I am totally fond of cooking and baking… and chocolate, and sweets, and desserts. My Gosh, how much I love desserts…🙂

Most of the time, I try to stick to the idea of healthy eating. Some cooking methods are banned in my kitchen – say, frying, especially deep frying. If my other half wants anything fried at home, he never asks me to prepare it. Because he knows I wouldn’t. I’d rather spare our stomachs from all that grease. Why should I eat something that causes aches in my body, no matter how delicious it could be? Not to mention the importunate smell of frying all over the house, and the sticky greasy dirt. Oh, and yes, a fryer is among the appliances I would never have in my kitchen.

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Carrot and Apple Cake

It’s summertime. It means longer coffee breaks in the afternoons and the desire for more indulgence. Yes, it is also the perfect time for weight loss as because of the heat, our bodies’ refusal to take heavy food comes naturally. I do my best to benefit from the natural “summer mode” of my organism, i.e. my sweet tooth is not as bad as usual and I could easily satisfy it with some fresh seasonal fruits (figs or peaches, for example).

Yet, sometimes we need some indulgence, especially during the summer season. Yesterday, my afternoon coffee felt lonely. So I decided to make a quick cake that could be the perfect sweet companion for my hot cup.

Carrot and Apple Cake

This time, the recipe is half healthy. Most of the ingredients are said to be good for your health. Every time I bake, I add a pinch of the Healthy food idea. However, there is some sugar and flour (I have concerns about the latter, even though it’s whole meal), or with other words, not as healthy. But this cake is for the I am human too moments. At least, it’s a homemade treat which makes the sin minor.🙂

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