Hello Again from Simply Marina

Hello Again

Hello again, my dear readers!

This is not exactly a blog post – parenting, family, expat or whatsoever. Neither is it a recipe or book review. I just wanted to say ‘Hi again’ to all of you who happen to stop by and read my stuff. Thank you for that, I deeply appreciate it.

If you’ve been wondering where I have been for the last few weeks (and my tiny little ego hopes that some of you have been wondering lol), the answer is quite prosaic – I was at home, our new home. Yeap, we moved home last month. Huge heaps of belongings waiting for me to pack and unpack, organising things, etc., etc. You know how it is, pretty stressful. Even if your new home is not so far away from the previous one. At least, my boy didn’t have to change school. He loves being at that school with his friends, so we thought it would be better for him to keep going there for now.

Family, home, love

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How To Set Up Your Site with Bluehost

OK, this is another blog post you would not normally see on my blog. How to set up your site – an easy step-by-step guide explaining what more you could do with your WordPress.org site by choosing the best web hosting, Bluehost. I am definitely not a tech-savvy person, but don’t worry, this guide has been created with the help of Bluehost professionals.

Recently, I have come across a number of posts by bloggers who have decided to go self-hosted and also use Bluehost. I’ve been considering this step of my blogging journey for some time but honestly, I haven’t mustered up enough courage yet. If you’re not like me and you’re ready to go pro, you may wish to read further.

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Blogging plans_SimplyMarina

My Plan for 2017 is… No Plans

I can’t believe this is coming out of my mouth (in this case, my hand) but yes, 2017 will be the year of NO plans. I am a person who always makes plans, plans for pretty much everything – from the family’s dinners to moving house. Not this time, not this year. While many bloggers seem to be setting goals and writing them down on their blogs (I actually admire them), I am thinking of changing my own mindset.

My Plan for 2017 is No Plans_Simply Marina

Living in an everyday chaos and jumble has been a terrifying thing for me ever since I can remember. Not having a plan, not organising my time, not getting things done the way they should be – oh, how daunting it all sounds! But I think the insane pedant in me must be silenced. The pursuit of perfection must be ceased. Because perfection doesn’t exist. It’s time for a new approach.

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Merry Christmas from Simply Marina

Merry Christmas from Simply Marina

It’s Christmastime already. I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, cosy and joyful.

Our little family of three is celebrating on our own. This is one of the frustrations of being an expat – there are people you miss badly at Christmas, people who are still there, in the homeland, and you desperately want to give them a hug, to talk to them in the snugness of your own home, the home you have spent so many Christmases. Well, nostalgia will never cease.

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Dear Blog, Some Days I Don’t Like You

Dear Blog, Some Days I Don't Like You_Simply Marina

Image by Depositphotos

Dear Blog, I have a confession to make.

Sometimes I am not so fond of you. Some days I just don’t like you. Not in the least. Some days you’re not my pretty little corner on the Internet so dear to my heart. There, I said it!

Some days I don’t feel like writing a single line. I don’t want to push myself simply because I am supposed to publish content regularly.

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The Island of Thassos: Love at First Sight

Our family holiday is over. I told you we were going to Greece. We wanted a quiet, beautiful place. We got it. Actually, our expectations were totally beaten. My husband and I have visited Greece many times before and we know it is an enchanting country. But this year, we rediscovered it in a different way.

Thassos Island View

It felt like the perfect summer holiday. Because the island of Thassos turned out to be the perfect summer destination for us. I took a nice digital break just the way I intended, and instead of spending hours with either my phone or my laptop, I had fun with my family. We all had fun. Together.

I am sure many of you have been on Thassos – a gorgeous combination of sea and mountain. Still, I hope you don’t mind my sharing about our one-week stay.

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My Summer Break from Blogging

Summer is at its height, let’s slow down a little bit. The next couple of weeks, we are going on holiday and I am thinking of having a little break from blogging. I will miss my humble blog but still, I need to step back for a while.

My Summer Break from Blogging

Picture by Depositphotos

I really enjoy blogging, it’s undoubtedly addictive and it’s so nice to be in touch with other fellow bloggers (if you wish, read my interview on Debbie’s lovely blog My Random Musings). But it is a time-consuming everyday work and one connected with too much use of modern technology. I have been spending a lot of time writing, reading, searching for information on the Internet, learning how to blog, being social on different social platforms (most of them I was so tenaciously trying to avoid in the past), working on the visual side of my blog (not that I have managed to improve a thing 😀 )…

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My Liebster Award Nomination

Awarded to Simply Marina by Life is Knutts 


Two days ago, my quick coffee break I sometimes take in the afternoon unexpectedly turned into something exciting. I was just enjoying a fellow blogger’s new post about her Liebster award, smiling happily for her, when the end of the post took me by surprise.

She had nominated me for Liebster award. Really?! But who is she? Her name is Gemma Nuttall, the super cute author behind Life is Knutts, a lady I would dare to call a friend. And believe it or not, she thinks my blog deserves attention. As a matter of fact, she is the friendliest and most supportive person I have met in the blogging world so far.

Gemma is a mother of three lovely boys, and to me, this is a reason good enough to depict her as superhuman. I totally admire her! Three little boys and still, you find the time for writing, publishing and being social? And she does it regularly. I have only one child and finding time for blogging is sometimes a challenge (alright, I feel ashamed already).

But before I answer her questions, I want to thank her with all my heart for being so kind and helpful. Gemma helped me bring back the motivation to keep running my blog in a moment of tremendous doubt. She showed me that blogging should be fun, first and foremost.

And goodness, how funny Life is Knutts is! You’ll love her brilliance and sense of humour.

Now, the answers:

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