Mummy on a Saturday Morning

Mummy on a Saturday Morning

It is 7.30 am on a Saturday morning. She is still in her pyjamas, sipping hot coffee in silence, a cooking book on her lap, trying to persuade herself she feels cosy and relaxed. No rush today, no we-are-getting-late-for-school haste, nothing urgent on the list. It promises to be a calm, low-paced day full of smiles and happy family moments.

Then it comes up again… That suffocating sense of pressure, as if too heavy a burden has just landed on her shoulders. It overwhelms her and evokes an instant and severe headache (she wonders if a massive quantity of her brain cells is being irrevocably killed right now). And of course, it destroys completely the beauty of her morning coffee ritual.

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Trouble Next Door, book review by SimplyMarina

Trouble Next Door by Chris Higgins

This is the story of two siblings and their new friend, an amiable cute girl. Or? Actually, this is the story of two siblings and… a real trouble. Trouble Next Door is a brilliant story for kids aged 5 to 7 (I would say 7+, too) that will help them learn a bit more about friendship and how complicated it could be.

Bella’s family have just moved house and already Bella has a new best friend – Magda, who lives next door. Magda thinks climbing the chimney would be fun! Bella isn’t sure that’s a good idea. She might get into trouble. But Magda would never let Bella take the blame… would she?

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20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories

William Shakespeare for kids. It already sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I love British literature but honestly, Shakespeare has always frightened me a bit. I am a book lover but I have never been fond of the works of Shakespeare. Until Sweet Cherry Publishing kindly sent a precious collection to me: 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories. The Complete Collection.


The Paperback Edition by Sweet Cherry Publishing 

Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, and The Tempest are not just plays, but immortal pieces of literature by one of the greatest playwrights to have ever lived, William Shakespeare. This series presents a thoughtful selection of twenty plays by Shakespeare, which have been suitably simplified, narrated and illustrated for young readers. 

The simple narrative style and unique illustrations will enthral children and help to develop and nurture their literary interest. 

That’s right, they are enthralling… for both a child and a grown-up.

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Follow Me Home by Jen Benjamin

Follow ME Home by Jen Benjamin_Cover

Paperback cover by Wallace Publishing

It’s time for another book review on the blog. This time the genre is quite different from what I usually read. Have a look at my previous book reviews if you fancy. You’ll see that chick lit is not exactly my thing. Unless it is a good hilarious piece. And I think I have come across one – Follow me Home.

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Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar by Jaime Amor – Book Review

Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar

Hardcover by Watkins

Recently, I have received a copy of a wonderful book (love you, Mumsnet!) and now I would like to share the pleasure with you. A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure: Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar by Jaime Amor is a beautiful gem I am so happy to have for both my son and myself. Parents and Yoga lovers, I am sure you will appreciate it. Because this book is a brilliant way to introduce Yoga to your kids and have some fun together.

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The Woman and the Book

The woman and the book

It was a chilly grey day in October…

She stepped into the bookshop and forgot about the world. Completely. She deliberately got lost in the long corridors of bookshelves, eager to touch the treasures hidden in there, to feel the different textures of paper, to open the covers carefully, and inhale deeply. Oh, how intoxicating the scent of paper was!

Over there… A book caught her eye. It was big and had a gorgeous cover. Many books had gorgeous covers, of course, but there was something special about this one. The book was calling her over. She hadn’t come here in order to buy anything. She only intended to be around all that loveliness for a while. And then, after spending a few minutes with herself in the precious calmness, she would go away. But that book! It was still there challenging her to get closer and take a peek. It was so shiny and tempting. And it was showing off arrogantly as if it was a living creature being aware of its beauty. Yes, it was exceptionally beautiful with the cover resembling a work of art.

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Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn – Beauty and the Gladiator


Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn_SimplyMarina

Paperback edition by Berkley Pub Group; Image by Goodreads

Why am I writing about a book that was published 6 years ago? Mistress of Rome has far enough reviews out there, so one could easily get an idea what it is about. But it’s one of my favourite novels ever and among the most gripping ones I have in my home library. It’s just too good…

So this won’t be yet another book review, and I’m not beginning this post with the intention of summing up the plot. You could find it anywhere. Goodreads is the ideal place to start from because there are plenty of readers’ comments as well. In addition, you may wish to visit Kate Quinn’s official website where not only would you find the book’s summary but also the prologue.

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Good + Simple by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

Healthy food. Cooking. Book. Now, let’s put all these words together. What we have is Good + Simple by the Hemsley sisters, the must-have in your kitchen. Believe me, you just need this book! Totally inspiring, beautiful, full of colours and magnificent recipes, and so healthy! It was a gift from a friend and I fell in love instantly. I literally love it.


Hardcover by Ebury Press

As you already know, I have some favourite chefs and I’ll be entirely honest, I have never heard of Hemsley & Hemsley before. Until recently. And oh God, why haven’t I found them earlier?! Their philosophy, their approach to food and wellness, everything in Good + Simple is SO me! The moment I opened it, I knew it was written for me. And the irony is that I haven’t even found it myself.

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Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer

You are a great admirer of Jeffrey Archer but you think he has written his best works already? Cometh the Hour may surprise you, then. I must admit, it surprised me too. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be so good that I just couldn’t resist telling you about it. Cometh the Hour is the sixth and last but one volume of The Clifton Chronicles. My first intention was to write about the whole series after the final book is published. However, it is due to November 2016 and I can’t wait so long. By this time, one could have read all the other volumes.


Hardcover by Macmillan

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