Consumer Health Digest's Pregnancy Tips Roundup

Consumer Health Digest’s Expert Roundup on Healthy Pregnancy Tips 2017

Consumer Health Digest, one of the leading and most reliable health and wellness websites, has recently published an expert roundup on tips how to stay healthy and happy during pregnancy. I am so excited to be featured in this wonderful roundup and be among all these amazing women, many of them recognised professionals and experts.

I am sharing part of the article with you as I believe it could help every mummy to be. 

Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time where a woman goes through great physical and emotional changes. In order to learn more about these changes and find out can be done to make pregnancy go as smoothly as possible, many women look for pregnancy tips on the internet. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around the wide web, and it can be tough to find reliable information about pregnancy. Knowing how things stand with online pregnancy tips, our team of experts at Consumer Health Digest have decided to help pregnant women learn about reliable measures to experience a problem-free pregnancy, and to ensure their baby grows healthy.

Our experts at Consumer Health Digest understand the confusion and anxiety that pregnant women experience. From food choices during pregnancy to the Zika virus scare and the constant debate about vaccination risks, there are so many questions in need of answers. At our Consumer Health Digest Pregnancy Center, our experts have shared their knowledge and experience on these topics to help clear any doubts you may be having. By visiting our Pregnancy Center, you can learn more about pregnancy in general, the diet you should follow while pregnant, the risks associated with medication during pregnancy, the kind of behavior that is safe during pregnancy, and you can also read other valuable bits of information.

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Baby Sling

Guest Post – Ultimate Guide to Baby Carriers

Mummies and Daddies, a baby post on the blog! As my boy is no longer a baby, this is not a blog post you would normally see on Simply Marina. But I hope it could help other parents or parents-to-be who stop by here. I’d like to thank Mark Anderson from for this useful piece. 

What do you think a Baby Carrier is?

Many people think it’s just a bag to carry babies. But there is a lot more to it.

There are various significant factors that pertain to it, which makes it special!

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Blogging plans_SimplyMarina

My Plan for 2017 is… No Plans

My Plan for 2017 is No Plans_Simply Marina

I can’t believe this is coming out of my mouth (in this case, my hand) but yes, 2017 will be the year of NO plans. I am a person who always makes plans, plans for pretty much everything – from the family’s dinners to moving house. Not this time, not this year. While many bloggers seem to be setting goals and writing them down on their blogs (I actually admire them), I am thinking of changing my own mindset.

Living in an everyday chaos and jumble has been a terrifying thing for me even since I can remember. Not having a plan, not organising my time, not getting things done the way they should be – oh, how daunting it all sounds! But I think the insane pedant in me must be silenced. The pursuit of perfection must be ceased. Because perfection doesn’t exist. It’s time for a new approach.

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A Woman’s World: Christmas is Magical

A Woman's World: Christmas is Magical

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Definitely. To me, Christmas has always been such a special time. As a child, I loved the spirit of Christmas so much. Now, I am an adult and a mother too, but my fondness of winter festivities has not changed.

What if I still believe in Santa? What if I still believe in magic? I know, it doesn’t sound rational for a grown-up to believe in Santa’s secret village, elves or flying sleighs. But it is Christmas, we are allowed to believe in anything good, in anything that could beat unkindness, hopelessness or misery.

And I want my child to believe. In Christmas. In Santa Claus. In the power of good. In the power of family and home. Christmas means happiness. It means thousands of precious family moments. This is how I want him to perceive this time of the year. If believing in magic is what it takes, so be it!

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20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories

William Shakespeare for kids. It already sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I love British literature but honestly, Shakespeare has always frightened me a bit. I am a book lover but I have never been fond of the works of Shakespeare. Until Sweet Cherry Publishing kindly sent a precious collection to me: 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories. The Complete Collection.


The Paperback Edition by Sweet Cherry Publishing 

Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, and The Tempest are not just plays, but immortal pieces of literature by one of the greatest playwrights to have ever lived, William Shakespeare. This series presents a thoughtful selection of twenty plays by Shakespeare, which have been suitably simplified, narrated and illustrated for young readers. 

The simple narrative style and unique illustrations will enthral children and help to develop and nurture their literary interest. 

That’s right, they are enthralling… for both a child and a grown-up.

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Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar by Jaime Amor – Book Review

Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar

Hardcover by Watkins

Recently, I have received a copy of a wonderful book (love you, Mumsnet!) and now I would like to share the pleasure with you. A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure: Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar by Jaime Amor is a beautiful gem I am so happy to have for both my son and myself. Parents and Yoga lovers, I am sure you will appreciate it. Because this book is a brilliant way to introduce Yoga to your kids and have some fun together.

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My Expat Child’s First Week at School

The school year in the UK has begun. Mums and dads of first-time pupils know how exciting a moment it is for both parents and children. But what about the expats and their kids? This is our experience…

Me Expat Child's First Week At School

Last week my son started Reception. His first week at school. Previously, he attended a UK nursery so I didn’t expect him to be too anxious now. Still, I thought he would feel a little bit uncomfortable being entirely in an English-speaking environment again. I was even prepared for a tantrum on the first day. I was almost sure there would be one. After all, he had spent the whole summer with his mummy and he probably had forgotten what it felt like being away from her.

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Why Not To Be Angry With Your Child

Are you patient with your kids all the time? And maybe, you have never yelled at them? Not a single nervous breakdown? Perhaps, you have never raised your voice, too? Well, this is impressive. Beyond all doubt, you are the ideal parent any child would love to have.

Now, let’s talk about the rest of us, the mortals who scold their children at least once a day. Not that a kid dreams of listening to their cross parents’ murmur every single day. But dear kids, I’m afraid this is how the world works. 🙂

So… I’m not about to give you any parenting tips. How would I dare since I usually need such tips myself? Nor do I represent the ever composed mother. Patience, patience, patience, mummy! Or “Come on, inner peace! I don’t have all day!”

"Come on, inner peace! I don't have all day!"

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“Mummy, Where Do We Live?”


Mummy, where do we live?

Children ask questions all the time. I love that. I love kids’ curiosity. Sometimes, it looks like an endless inquisition but I never get bored. I always answer my son’s questions because I know this is the way he learns about the world. It is OK even when he begins a long ‘why’ examination. I admit, I have no clue why he asks ‘why’ at least a hundred times a day.

No problem at all, my boy. I will keep replying to you patiently doing my best to find meaningful answers.

But some questions are more difficult to answer. The questions a child of immigrants could ask their parents. My son has been asking me where we live for over a year, or with other words since we moved to the United Kingdom.

An ordinary, innocent question that just comes out of his mouth, nothing disturbing. Kids never ask in order to be mean or hurt adults’ feelings wittingly; their nature is too pure for that. I’m sure my son’s only intention is to make it clear. And this is what actually worries me. Because every time he asks where we live, I see a confused little boy standing before me.

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The Dangerous 4. ‘Mummy, I Am a Big Boy’

In Motherhood Means Fears Too I reveal my own thoughts as a parent. Now, I’ll try to dip into the mind of my four-year-old boy. Not that I remember what it feels like to be at the age of 4. I guess, most of the time he thinks his father and I don’t understand a thing about his world. Maybe, he is right. Two boring adults who could see a mischief or life-threatening situation in everything.

The Dangerous 4. "Mummy, I Am a Big Boy"

So much the worse for them both! I can’t help wondering why on earth mum and dad are so anxious, irritated, or sincerely terrified. Every day! There, I’m just having fun, and they are scolding me as if I have caused a global catastrophe. Come on, parents! I haven’t made the roof come tumbling down on our heads. Why are you so angry with me?    

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