Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar by Jaime Amor – Book Review

Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar

Hardcover by Watkins

Recently, I have received a copy of a wonderful book (love you, Mumsnet!) and now I would like to share the pleasure with you. A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure: Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar by Jaime Amor is a beautiful gem I am so happy to have for both my son and myself. Parents and Yoga lovers, I am sure you will appreciate it. Because this book is a brilliant way to introduce Yoga to your kids and have some fun together.

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Summertime, Yoga Time + Favourite Asanas (Part 1)

Summer… It’s hot. It’s freaky, devilishly hot! It’s so hot and sunny that you almost see flames wrapping you up and a devil mocking at you and your sweaty sufferings. The only thing your half-boiled brain could think about is how lovely it must be at Santa’s snowy village right now. No, I am not somewhere in Northern Africa, I am back in my native Bulgaria for a couple of months.

If you have visited the southern parts of my country you understand the desert heat I am talking about. It’s as hot as hell, day and night (I guess, I would have enjoyed cooler nighttime in Sahara), I am sweltering…

Summertime, Yoga Time

Picture by Depositphotos

And I still have to work out a little bit, don’t I? My exhausted body, however, refuses to obey. It is begging me for a long long rest in bed (or maybe an ice bath) as if saying, “How am I supposed to make a move under such merciless conditions?!”

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Great Yoga Teachers

Since my first Yoga practice, I have tried a great number of videos by different instructors. I have experimented with styles – Hatha, a combination of styles, Vinyasa, and even Ashtanga. Nowadays, I prefer to practise on my own, but until recently I usually did it following a video. These lovely Yoga teachers have given me the basic knowledge of Yoga and more or less have influenced my Yoga experience. I will list them in a chronological order just the way they have appeared throughout my Yoga journey:

  1. Alan Finger and “Yoga Zone”.

It might sound funny, but this is exactly how my home practices began. Yes, that TV show from the early 90’s. It was on TV every afternoon, right after my son had fallen asleep. Lisa Bennett Matkin was my favourite, so amiable and charismatic. Most of the videos are quite easy, so I wouldn’t use them now. But they are perfect for beginners and I really enjoyed them at that time. What is more, they can help you learn some fundamental things about Yoga.

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Yoga and Me


Lotus pose (Padmasana), Picture by Afsaneh Tajvidi,

First, I really want to thank Afsaneh Tajvidi for allowing me to publish her magnificent artworks here. I also thank her for the beautiful flowers which are now my header image. She is absolutely amazing, isn’t she? Please, visit her online shop

I promised to write about my yoga experience and what changes Yoga had brought into my life. I know a lot of people are rather skeptical about Yoga, maybe I used to be one of them. Two years later I am happy I went to that little studio, on that chilly winter day (I’ll say it again: ‘Thank you, Adi!’). One practice and I knew it would turn into a necessity. Now I am absolutely sure that Yoga is for everyone. Even my little boy enjoys it. 🙂

But why do I like Yoga so much? For many reasons, however, I’ll only mention a few things it has enchanted me with.

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