Best Boosts for Education that Work for Everyone

Best Boosts For Education That Work For Everyone

Every parent wants to know how they can help their child get the most out of their education. Your role is more than just helping out with homework, though. If you want to find ways that will help you and your child with their learning, then you’re in the right place. Here’s how you can assist in your child’s education.

Read every day

Read with your child every day. Set aside the time to really explore a story with them, and give them the chance to ask questions. This helps set them up for regular reading in school and helps them see it as a pleasurable activity.

Look for learning opportunities every day

Your child’s education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Look for opportunities to learn and reinforce their skills every day. For example, let them count out the money for a purchase, or read the signs in the supermarket.

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BEst Juicers 2017 by ReviewsBee

Best Juicers 2017

You love fresh juices but you haven’t bought your own juicer yet? Or you would like to make juicing part of your healthy diet? Then, this article by ReviewsBee may help you decide which juicer would be best for you. 

There are so many juicing machines to choose from that the purchasing process can be very frustrating. You need to determine the size, usage and kind of machine you want before you even starting looking at the more confusing details.

It is much easier to bend the ear of a friend who uses one or whatever your exercise instructor recommends, but will it be the right juicer for you? Once you know what basic functions you desire, you will need to discover if the added features are worth investing in. Do you need one that has a food processor in it if you already own one? Do you need a homogenising feature if you don’t have children or the desire to ever use one?

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Mummy on a Saturday Morning

Mummy on a Saturday Morning

It is 7.30 am on a Saturday morning. She is still in her pyjamas, sipping hot coffee in silence, a cooking book on her lap, trying to persuade herself she feels cosy and relaxed. No rush today, no we-are-getting-late-for-school haste, nothing urgent on the list. It promises to be a calm, low-paced day full of smiles and happy family moments.

Then it comes up again… That suffocating sense of pressure, as if too heavy a burden has just landed on her shoulders. It overwhelms her and evokes an instant and severe headache (she wonders if a massive quantity of her brain cells is being irrevocably killed right now). And of course, it destroys completely the beauty of her morning coffee ritual.

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Squishy Number Learning

Guest Post – Squishy Number Learning

Fun counting activity to do at home, ideal for pre-school kids. Kindly provided by

Combine fun sensory play with early number awareness in a squishy baggie project. A zippered sandwich bag and some hair gel are enough to get you started. Your child will have so much fun squishing everything around that they won’t mind all the number learning that’ll be taking place. It’s a fantastic way to help your child exercise their math skills!

What You Need: 

  • Zippered sandwich bag
  • Hair gel
  • Blue or green food colouring
  • 10 pony beads or other small objects (un-popped popcorn, dry beans, etc)
  • Blue masking tape

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Activity trackers infographic

Best Activity Trackers 2017

Fitness trackers have become a necessity to everyone who likes being active. Exercise, running, swimming… Whatever you do to keep fit and feel happy, you might have considered buying this gadget at some point. Or perhaps, you have already got one.

I still haven’t purchased my activity tracker, to be honest with you, and use a mobile app instead – Sports Tracker which is pretty awesome. But I think a wristband or a smaller device would be a great deal, as having my phone with me at all times is not always an option.

OK, time to share something useful with you. ReviewsBee is a platform that creates top-10 lists based on a deep algorithm research. Its team have prepared a list of the top 10 activity trackers for this year. Also, they were most kind to provide me with an infographic to share with you. It will give you a flavour of what activity trackers are and how they can help you enjoy physical activity.

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The magic and beauty of postcards Paperless Post

The Magic and Beauty of Postcards

A woman’s world is full of beauty. We women are truly blessed because of our subtle sense of charm and magic. From a glamorous wedding dress to a cheap teacup you have just bought from a charity shop – everything could be beautiful and beauty is everywhere. Other examples? The list could be endless but what about postcards or special occasion invitations?

When I came to London, one of the things that amazed me (among many other things, of course) was the abundance of postcard shops and I don’t mean the souvenir shops for tourists. It was obvious that the British had preserved the good old tradition of sending and receiving postcards. To a great extent, this has been lost in my own country and replaced by text messages, social media posts, etc. Impersonal and not so touching, don’t you think? What has happened to the magic of a sealed envelope that is to be opened with excitement?

The magic and beauty of postcards

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Oat and Date Energy Balls

Oat & Date Energy Balls

Easter is over. Too much food has been eaten, too many sinful desserts, sugar and calories… OK, lady! No more. It’s time for you to reduce the intake of refined sugars. How?! I am a chocoholic and have a really bad sweet tooth. Here is an alternative, terribly yummy alternative – the well-known energy balls. They are nutty, sweet and indulgent, without the sin. One or two of these lovely balls could be a quick remedy for my sugar cravings.

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Consumer Health Digest's Pregnancy Tips Roundup

Consumer Health Digest’s Expert Roundup on Healthy Pregnancy Tips 2017

Consumer Health Digest, one of the leading and most reliable health and wellness websites, has recently published an expert roundup on tips how to stay healthy and happy during pregnancy. I am so excited to be featured in this wonderful roundup and be among all these amazing women, many of them recognised professionals and experts.

I am sharing part of the article with you as I believe it could help every mummy to be. 

Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time where a woman goes through great physical and emotional changes. In order to learn more about these changes and find out can be done to make pregnancy go as smoothly as possible, many women look for pregnancy tips on the internet. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around the wide web, and it can be tough to find reliable information about pregnancy. Knowing how things stand with online pregnancy tips, our team of experts at Consumer Health Digest have decided to help pregnant women learn about reliable measures to experience a problem-free pregnancy, and to ensure their baby grows healthy.

Our experts at Consumer Health Digest understand the confusion and anxiety that pregnant women experience. From food choices during pregnancy to the Zika virus scare and the constant debate about vaccination risks, there are so many questions in need of answers. At our Consumer Health Digest Pregnancy Center, our experts have shared their knowledge and experience on these topics to help clear any doubts you may be having. By visiting our Pregnancy Center, you can learn more about pregnancy in general, the diet you should follow while pregnant, the risks associated with medication during pregnancy, the kind of behavior that is safe during pregnancy, and you can also read other valuable bits of information.

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Trouble Next Door, book review by SimplyMarina

Trouble Next Door by Chris Higgins

This is the story of two siblings and their new friend, an amiable cute girl. Or? Actually, this is the story of two siblings and… a real trouble. Trouble Next Door is a brilliant story for kids aged 5 to 7 (I would say 7+, too) that will help them learn a bit more about friendship and how complicated it could be.

Bella’s family have just moved house and already Bella has a new best friend – Magda, who lives next door. Magda thinks climbing the chimney would be fun! Bella isn’t sure that’s a good idea. She might get into trouble. But Magda would never let Bella take the blame… would she?

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